Welcome to the Benjamin N. Cardozo Financial Literacy Website

The Financial Literacy Certification Test is scheduled for Thursday May 14, 2015. Bankruptcy has increased more than 96% over the past 10 years among 18 to 24 year-olds (Richmond Credit Abuse Resistant Education (CARE) Program). Referring to college students, student loan lender Nellie Mae has found that "by the time they reach their senior year, 56 percent of students carry four or more credit cards, with an average balance of $2,864". It is urgent that young people learn how to use credit correctly. Mismanagement of money is derived from financial illiteracy. You have no control of your finances so your spending has taken control over you! This site is dedicated to helping you, our students, become financially literate. It will reinforce what you are learning from your teachers; enrich your financial learning experience; provide sample test questions and offer links to relevant outside sites. By the end of this course you will be well prepared to take the Financial Literacy Certification Examination and you will learn that you have the power forever after to control your personal finances. Thank You WISE (Working In Support of Education) for your generosity in allowing us to access your practice questions.